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Run games or programs fasterVersion is released January 12, 2016
As you know it's a common problem that your computer becomes slower and slower after using it some months.

With BoostActiveProgram you can r
un games and programs faster by automatically setting the priority to High in the Windows Task Manager for the current active  game or program, and resetting  the earlier boosted programs back to the default priority. So there's is nothing else to do in the future after installing it.

Some of the most known other thirdparty solutions are the following, but you need to manually do the following a lot of times forever, but that's not needed with the BoostActiveProgram.
  • Use programs like the thirdparty CcCleaner, to optimize and clean the registry
  • Use MsConfig to stop some of your programs to run automatically
  • Defrag your computer
  • Use programs like the thirdparty WinOptimizer to remove programs from the Windows Context Menu.
  • Set the priority in Task Manager automatically for the current active game or program
  • No need to do anything else to boost your game or program
  • The earlier boosted game or program is automatically reset to the default priority in the Task Manager
  • The BoostActiveProgram runs automatically when you login to your computer
  • The BoostActiveProgram  only occupies 2 MB RAM in the Task Manager
With BoostActiveProgram you don't need to do anything else after installing it.

When you run your games and programs, or are handling your media as e.g. video or photos, or any other program that requires  more high processing power to run faster than the game or progam originally was developed for.

With BoostActiveProgram you can instantly automatically force your games and programs to run faster on your computer.

Many games and programs are developed to run with the Normal priority in the Windows Task Manager, which sometimes leads the CPU to be idle, so the CPU is not used with its fullest potential. With
BoostActiveProgram your computer is automatically allocating more CPU power to the  current active game or program.

BoostActiveProgram constantly monitors which  game or program is running as the active window, and it automatically allocates the CPU to give it priority over all other running games or programs.

When you switch to another game or program BoostActiveProgram instantly monitors this change and instructs the CPU to give the current active game or progranm a higher priority, and resets the earlier boosted active windows game or program to it's earlier default priority.

So the current and  active game or program always uses the most
possible CPU power.

You can see the result in the Windows Task Manager:

The Ocster Backup program is automatically boosted to high priority

You can also see the result in the info-BoostActiveProgram.log file located in the C:\TryWare90Days\BoostActiveProgram\SW\Log folder:

20160111 01:22:14 -----------> Starting BoostActiveProgram.exe <------------------------------------------
20160111 01:22:14 Result=0 (Is User Account Control Enabled)
20160111 01:22:14 Result=True (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System - EnableLUA)
20160111 01:22:14 Result=True (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System - ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin = 5)
20160111 01:22:19 New PID 1284  = High | OUTLOOK.EXE
20160111 01:22:20 New PID 5600  = High | explorer.exe
20160111 01:22:20 New PID 3488  = High | firefox.exe
20160111 01:22:21 New PID 5848  = High | WebSiteX5.exe
20160111 01:22:22 New PID 6104  = High | XYplorer.exe
20160111 01:22:22 New PID 8504  = High | SciTE.exe
20160111 01:22:24 New PID 4424  = High | notepad++.exe
20160111 01:22:31 New PID 7928  = High | backupClient-ox.exe

The program automatically runs in the Windows Task Manager using this registry key:


This setting and other settings can be customized using the BoostActiveProgram.ini file located in the C:\TryWare90Days\BoostActiveProgram\SW\Ini folder:

;  © Copyright 2016: IT-Programmer J. Malmgren, www.tryware90days.com
;   The settings are located 2 times below: In the top the settings you can change, and at the
;   bottom a more detailed syntax description.
;   Please note: Don't change anything in the BoostActiveProgram.default file, but copy it to
;                your BoostActiveProgram.ini file, if it doesn't work anymore.
;  © Copyright 2016: IT-Programmer J. Malmgren, www.tryware90days.com

[BoostActiveProgram] ---------------- OPT=Optinal, REQ=Required, NOT=Do not Change -------

       ; OPT Syntax: An integer between 1 and 1000                        NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe

       ; REQ Syntax: Normal, Above Normal, High

       ; REQ Syntax: Yes or No.                                           NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe

       ; REQ Syntax: Yes or No.                                           NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe

[Validating]        ---------------- OPT=Optinal, REQ=Required, NOT=Do not Change -------

       ; NOT Syntax: Encrypted 100% TryWare license key.              

---------------------------> SYNTAX DESCRIPTIONS <--------------------------------------------

; iLogFileMaxSize:           The max. logfile size for BoostActiveProgram.log located in the
;                            C:\TryWare90Days\BoostActiveProgram\SW\Log folder. If errors in
;                            this setting, the default sLogFileMaxSize=1024 will be used, so
;                            the logfile size is automatically truncated if exceeding 1 MB.
;                            OPT Syntax: A KB integer between 1 and 1024        NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe
; sPriorityBoost:            The priority you want to be set automatically in the Task Manager
;                            for the current active program on your computer. sPriorityBoost=
;                            Realtime is not possible with the BoostActiveProgram Tool. If you
;                            select sPriorityBoost=Normal it would be like disabling the boost
;                            effect of the BoostActiveProgram. If errors in this setting, the
;                            default sPriorityBoost=High will be used.
;                            Syntax: Normal, Above Normal, High                 NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe
;                            sRunAlways:                The program can be scheduled to run Always when you logon.
;                            We do not use the Windows Scheduler to this, but start the program
;                            using the Windows Registry:
;                            HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
;                            If errors in this setting, the default sRunAlways=Yes will be used.
;                            Syntax: Yes or No.                                NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe
; sShowLogFile:              Do you want to interactively follow what's logged while boosting
;                            different programs, about the new and old priority set by the
;                            BoostActiveProgram Tool. If errors in this setting, the default
;                            sShowLogFile=No will be used about showing the logfile using the
;                            Freeware WinTail.exe program located in the
;                            C:\TryWare90Days\BoostActiveProgram\SW\Bin\32-bit folder.
;                            Syntax: Yes or No.                                NoTcAsEsEnSiTiVe

[Validating]        --------------- OPT=Optinal, REQ=Required, NOT=Do not Change -------------------

; sLicenseNumber:            Don't type anything yourself, otherwise you might get an error.
;                            It's done automatically for you.
;                            Syntax: Binary encrypted 100% TryWare90Days license key.

You can temporarely exit the BoostActiveProgram using the icon in the hidden menu in the lower right corner of the screen where the clock is:

 Right click the hidden icon and select Exit

These 2 or 3 message boxes are automatically shown when you start the BoostActiveProgram:

Windows User Account Control (UAC) is enabled in your computers Control Panel if you are using Windows 7 or 8


Showing the logs

Last updated: 16-04-2019
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